Nirvana's "Bleach" re-issue (with free download track)

The 20th anniversary reissue of Nirvana’s Bleach, finds Sub Pop offering up a free download of one of the songs on the remastered live disc that will accompany the band’s debut album.

Thw song “Scoff” was recorded at Portland, Oregon’s Pine Street Theatre on February 9th, 1990, and judging on this track alone, the previously unreleased concert disc will put to shame all those pre-Nevermind bootlegs we purchased back in the day.
Producer Jack Endino, who also oversaw Bleach, remixed the original Pine Street tapes for the release.

Download “Scoff” below, and pre-order the Bleach reissue over at the Sub Pop store now. The reissue hits store November 3rd.

Download “Scoff” (Right click and choose “save as”)

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic recently got his hands on the Bleach reissue, writing on his Seattle Weekly blog, “Jack [Endino] and I got test pressings earlier this summer and the vinyl sounds killer. It’s going to be pressed on white vinyl – just like the first issue. I put the tone arm down and the bass growl of ‘Blew’ is there in all its Grunge glory.” The set will also come with a 48-page booklet featuring previously unseen photos from the era.

Source: Rolling Stone


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