Machinarium game

Machinarium is independent puzzle / adventure game
developed by the makers of web-games
Samorost and Samorost2.

You can pre-order Machinarium and you will be sent the download link
with the final version of the game as soon as it’s officially released
(which is planned for October 2009).

Pre-ordering has several advantages:

  • You’ll save $3. The price is now $17 instead of $20 after releasing.
  • You will immediately receive “Pre-order Pack”
    which includes 5 hi-res pictures and 5 MP 3 tracks from Machinarium Soundtrack.
  • With the game you will get also Machinarium Soundtrack by Floex.
  • You will feel great by supporting indie developers;)

Designed & developed by Amanita


Kill Bill said...

Great teaser!

Blue Sirrus said...

Available via direct to drive @ $14.95 which i recommend over steam (I use both).
This and plants vs. zombies are my all time favorite indie games. If you pre-order with Amanita you get high res pics and 5 mp3s of the games amazing music.

Supposed to be ~30 levels for full game which is available for download friday 10/16.

Mastik said...

I can't stop looking at those pictures, like some sort of mix of Fallout, Wall-E & Beneath a Steel Sky

Michael Sc said...

More please!