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American Princes "Never Grow Old"



Cut vinyl record silhouettes by Carlos Aires


New Brainland (map)

The above map's original data was created from a reference photo of a real human brain which was used to build the 3d terrain. This digital elevation model was then used to create contour line data, relief shading and to plan where the roads and features should be placed for map compilation. Real New Zealand public domain data was then added for the surrounding islands.

Practical Aesthetics
from UniteSeven

Rin Nadeshico

Rin Nadeshico, painter, computer and graphic illustrator

Soldiers too

Cory Marc, artist from New Jersey



Internet Porn (by GOOD magazine)



ABC3D by Marion Bataille.

Marion Bataille is a graphic and book designer who lives in Paris.
This is just a hand-made mock-up of the actual book which publishes in Oct. 2008.

Frank Habicht photograhy

Live it to the hilt

Peace Message
(Vanessa Redgrave)

Lost in a dream
(Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin)

Bare essentials

High in the sky
(the Rolling Stones)

Born in Hamburg in 1938, Habicht began his career as a photographer in 1960 attending the Hamburg School of Photography, from which he graduated in 1962.
He quickly became established as a freelance photographer and writer in Europe submitting works to be published in magazines including Camera Magazine, Spigelreflex Praxis, Twen, Jasmin, Esquire, Hoer Zu, Die Welt, Sunday Times (UK) and The Guardian.
Project "Amazed to Be"
(more great photos in flash)


The Drawer of Memory

A newcomer and very promising animator, this short is his first work ever.
Po Chou Chi from Taiwan.



by Goo Shun Wang


Tom Waits animation

Tom Waits and Donna Gordon as the stripper,
Performed live (at the La Brea stage in Hollywood, 1978), and rotoscoped - a process that traces back the live action
frame by frame and turns it into animation. The original live
action was shot with 5 cameras - 2 high, 2 low and one hand
held. The music from "The One That Got Away" blared in the
background as Tom sang karaoke style different lyrics on each
take. Two strippers, Donna Gordon was the choice, 6 takes and 13 hours of video footage were edited to make a 5 1/2 minute live action short which we turned into animation. A total of 5,500 frames were caricatured and then re-drawn, inked by Mike Cressy and painted by hand onto celluloid acitate to produce this film.
Produced by Lyon Lamb, directed by John Lamb, the film bore some cool new technology, talent ( David Silverman, producer and director of the Simpsons TV series, and director of the NEW Simpsons movie to be released in July of 2007, was our head animator and also his FIRST job as an animator) and was created specifically for a video music market that didn't yet exist . But
the buzz was out and we went on to create what arguably may be the first music video created for the new and upcoming MTV market.
A series of unfortunate events prohibited the film from ever
being released or sold commercially, consequently catapulting it into obscurity... until now,thanks You Tube!
In 1979, an Academy Award was presented to Lyon Lamb for the
technology used in this short.
The production materials (character sketches, layouts,
storyboards, animation drawings and cels) are still amazingly intact and held in private hands. However, a few of the production elements managed to slip away over the last 28 years and occasionally, one of these rare gems can be found on ebay.
To learn more about this amazing lost film, go to ....TomWaitsLibrary.com and Wikipedia.

-Austin Stein


Something like bodypainting

stay-snow white
87cm x 150cm

140cm x 100cm

Artist: Kim Joon
Country: Korea
Official site: ****


Alberto García-Alix

Self portrait

Alberto García-Alix, fotógrafo español
[French wiki] [Spanish wiki]
via Livejournal

Débutant son travail artistique en 1976, après la mort du Général Franco, Alberto García-Alix est considéré à partir des années 1980 comme l'un des principaux acteurs du mouvement culturel de la Movida, bien qu'il s'en défende et se présente comme un photographe de la marge: les milieux underground de la nuit, du rock'n'roll, des bikers, des toxicomanes, des stars du porno.

Depuis quelques années, il réalise également des vidéos.

Récompensé du Prix national de la photographie espagnol (1999), il a réalisé plus d'une trentaine d'expositions et publié dans de prestigieux magazines de mode (Vogue, Vanity Fair). Reconnu dans le milieu de l'art contemporain, ses œuvres sont aujourd'hui présentes dans plusieurs musées en Espagne, et il expose à travers le monde. Aujourd'hui Alberto García-Alix est parfois qualifié de «plus grand photographe espagnol contemporain».


Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - Our Hell

Director: Jaron Albertin

Our Hell

First went wrong is hard to find
We're paralyzed, we apologize
Our hell is a good life
Last went wrong, where's my prize under the lights
Can we call it in?
We'll be on the road
Can we stop?
When we stop my back will turn your face toward the fence
What I thought it was it isn't now
All this weight, is honest worse
We're moderate, we modernize
till our hell is a good life
All we know what to forget... how to do right
Coloring in the black hole
Can't we stop, when we stop
My hands will shake, my eyes will burn
My throat will ache, watching you turn
From me toward your friends
What I thought it was it isn't now
What I thought it was it isn't
Punishment to stall what is done
What I thought was in is missing out
What I thought it was it isn't now
There's a pattern in the system
There's a bullet in the gun
That's why I tried to save you
But it can't be done

from the album Knives don't have your back
( released on september 2006 - Last Gang Records )


Bianco e nero

Campo autunnale

Parla al mio cullo


Photos by some great Italian photographer d-anderton, Psychedelic artist

Sitting targets

Found in the Flickr photostream of designucdavis

Pure Evil

Image from the wall in Palestine
via Pure Evil Clothing

I just don't know what to do with myself

The White Stripes - I Just Don;t Know What To Do With Myself
Official videoclip starring Kate Moss

Gisele Bundchen, Ipanema Sandals Tatoo

Gisele Bundchen,
Ipanema Sandals Tatoo Ad

Retro set

Guns and girls

(Dice magazine)

(from Queen's "Jazz" LP)

Collection of found photos
On Flickr By Ben Pearce

Derek M Ballard (aka The Line Tamer)

Creepiest ads

Creepiest Old Ads from the Recycle Bin

Arthur "Big Boy" Grudup

A great album, posted at Chris Goes Rock weblog

Nobuyoshi Araki

Title Personal sentimentalism in photography (2 prints)
Medium gelatin silver print

10,4 x 13,4 in. / 26,5 x 34 cm.
Year2000 -

The Market: Donnerstag, 21.Februar 2008 [Lot 252]
Contemporary and Modern Art
Price 150.000 - 250.000 YEN (US$ 1.400 - 2.333)

Contact 8-12-13 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Tokyo , 104-0061 Japan
Tel: 81-3-6410-8761
Fax: 81-3-6410-8762

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