Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - Our Hell

Director: Jaron Albertin

Our Hell

First went wrong is hard to find
We're paralyzed, we apologize
Our hell is a good life
Last went wrong, where's my prize under the lights
Can we call it in?
We'll be on the road
Can we stop?
When we stop my back will turn your face toward the fence
What I thought it was it isn't now
All this weight, is honest worse
We're moderate, we modernize
till our hell is a good life
All we know what to forget... how to do right
Coloring in the black hole
Can't we stop, when we stop
My hands will shake, my eyes will burn
My throat will ache, watching you turn
From me toward your friends
What I thought it was it isn't now
What I thought it was it isn't
Punishment to stall what is done
What I thought was in is missing out
What I thought it was it isn't now
There's a pattern in the system
There's a bullet in the gun
That's why I tried to save you
But it can't be done

from the album Knives don't have your back
( released on september 2006 - Last Gang Records )


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Nobuyoshi Araki

Title Personal sentimentalism in photography (2 prints)
Medium gelatin silver print

10,4 x 13,4 in. / 26,5 x 34 cm.
Year2000 -

The Market: Donnerstag, 21.Februar 2008 [Lot 252]
Contemporary and Modern Art
Price 150.000 - 250.000 YEN (US$ 1.400 - 2.333)

Contact 8-12-13 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Tokyo , 104-0061 Japan
Tel: 81-3-6410-8761
Fax: 81-3-6410-8762

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