Jimi Hendrix celebrating his last birthday

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This is Jimi Hendrix celebrating his last birthday backstage with the Rolling Stones at the Madison Square Garden in New York City on November 27, 1969.
Background music is "MY LITTLE ONE" recorded by Brian Jones, James Marshall H., Dave Mason and Mitch Mitchell studio recording at the Olympic Studios in London on October 5, 1967.

Video Description:

At 2:32 Jimi playing a guitar duet with Mick Taylor.
At 5:50 Conversation between Jimi Hendrix and Keith Richards (this is the only portion with the original audio).
[5:51-5:54] Black guy [to Keith]: Well, like, no reaction. He went back to what he was talking about, so...
[5:54-5:56] Keith: Well, y'know, it's cool, y'know I, I [inaudible] we'll get it together.
[5:55-5:58] Black guy: Yeah yeah Ok (exits)
[6:00-6:07] Jimi: Been watching too many formal dinner parties on TV. Everybody HAS to do this. You HAVE to say [mock ass-kissing, bowing and scraping] "Oh yes, Mr richards--"
[6:07-6:12: laughter - inaudible chit chat]
[6:12-6:14: silence]
[6:15-6:18] Jimi: D'you know--? nah, I shouldn't ask [scratching his head, laughing]
[6:18-6:20: Keith and Jimi laughter]
[6:19-6:26] Jimi: I dunno that's a big [inaudible] ever since I seen you Monday. Have--? When's last t-ttime you see- s-seen [clears throat]. Naaah, I shouldn't--
[6:25-6:26] Keith: [inaudible]
[6:26-6:27] Jimi: No. What was the last time you seen Linda?
[6:28-6:34] Keith: Oh, man, a long time ago. I mean, I tell ya, uh, some time last summer in--
[6:34] Jimi: Yeah...
[6:35-6:38] Keith: --on the coast [inaudible]
[6:38-6:39] Jimi: Oh, that far? You ain't seen her here?
[6:39-6:44] Keith: I haven't seen her for [inaudible]...You?
[6:44-6:45] Jimi: No. No...
[6:46-6:48] Laughter - Keith smooshes affectionately into Jimi.
[6:48-6:53] Keith gets up and walks away
[6:48-6:51] Jimi: I been watching too much TV too.
[6:54-7:01] Jimi sits smoking.

ABKCO, Sony Music Entertainment and Experience Hendrix, LLC, acting against the fans of the musicians they represent, sent a takedown notification to YouTube (three times already!) to remove this video when they don't own the copyright of this video. They guys who uploaded it won twice and they're back, but due to these actions, the video is not working properly, as they were out for 6 weeks losing a lot of views, all the favorites marks, the honors, etc.

>> This is the original video, there are some unauthorized copies of this video here on YouTube but in less quality as they downloaded and uploaded this one.
>> For more information, pictures and everything about Jimi with the Rolling Stones, including a free download of both takes of "My Little One" check http://rocksoff.org/jimi.htm

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