Save Athanasios Lerounis

A 12 member jirga left Chitral yesterday for Afghanistan’s Nuristan province in an effort to secure the safe release of kidnapped aid worker Athanasios Lerounis. Lerounis was kidnapped on 8 September from his room in the Bumboret Valley.

The Taliban has demanded a ransom of two million dollars and release of three of its Afghan leaders in return for a safe release.

Pls, take 20 secs to Sign the petition (in the greek website of Doctors without Frontiers, HERE)

Latest news:
In a letter dated September 19, Lerounis said he was fine and thanked all those who were trying to sort out issues with the Taliban to ensure his safe return.

“Now I am living with a group of Taliban. They are very hospitable and try their best for my life and security. The behaviour of Taliban to me is very good. I would like to thank all those people who are trying their best to solve my problem, especially Mr Majid and Mr Nasir who came to Nooristan to visit me and try to solve the problem,” Lerounis said.

Lerounis, who has been actively engaged in carrying out development work in the Kalash region since 1994, was kidnapped from the Bumburate valley on September 8.
It may be noted that the Kalash community had recently threatened to leave Pakistan if the government fails to take substantial action against Lerounis’s kidnappers...

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Michael Sc said...

The Greek man, identified in some reports as Athunasius, had been living and working in the Bumboret Valley since 1995. He was supervising the construction of the Kalash House museum and primary school where he also volunteered as a teacher. The project is funded by small Greek NGO and is intended to help preserve and promote the unique Kalash culture. During his time in the valley Athunasius also helped establish two primary schools and three maternity centres.