Little miss Nadéah

The singer of Nouvelle Vague in her first solo album "Venus Gets Even".

Nadéah writes songs, plays guitars and dances on stages all around the world. This is her day job and she hopes to do it until the day she kicks the bucket. She also likes to write, cook, eat, make love and go bowling.



Below you may watch her very first video to a song called Odile.

Concept - Send Paris based Australian singer songwriter girl all the way to LA, where she will ride a very heavy bike across the city, get sweaty, worry about her hair and make up and then, kiss a boy whom she met whilst walking in the street on a Monday at 2pm.



BOY = 2 girls

PhotobucketThe Hamburg-based duo gets your toes tapping, mind playing, feet moving, emotions travelling, head thinking, hips jerking. But above all, they make music that brings a smile to your face.

Imagine a mix of the art school elegance of Phoenix, the lively melodics of Feist and the emotional depth of Bon Iver. But to draw such comparisons is superficial and not especially helpful because what you miss is the originality of the BOY concept and the charisma of its two performers.

The BOY phenomenon began this summer with their first single 'Little Numbers'. Now, having conquered their native Germany and Switzerland, they are shipping their sharp brand of pop to the rest of Europe.


What about ACTA?

Leit motif

Leitmotif is the story of the last lonely member of a jazz band, only living through his music and the daily visits of a white cat.
One day the nostalgia takes over - and he has a crazy idea.

Leit Motif (2010) | 07:06 Animation - Cute / Musical
Produced at The Animation Workshop (www.animwork.dk)

CREDITS: Animated and Directed by Remi Gamiette. Music and Sound by Eric Cervera (neardeaf.com)