ABC3D by Marion Bataille.

Marion Bataille is a graphic and book designer who lives in Paris.
This is just a hand-made mock-up of the actual book which publishes in Oct. 2008.

Frank Habicht photograhy

Live it to the hilt

Peace Message
(Vanessa Redgrave)

Lost in a dream
(Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin)

Bare essentials

High in the sky
(the Rolling Stones)

Born in Hamburg in 1938, Habicht began his career as a photographer in 1960 attending the Hamburg School of Photography, from which he graduated in 1962.
He quickly became established as a freelance photographer and writer in Europe submitting works to be published in magazines including Camera Magazine, Spigelreflex Praxis, Twen, Jasmin, Esquire, Hoer Zu, Die Welt, Sunday Times (UK) and The Guardian.
Project "Amazed to Be"
(more great photos in flash)


The Drawer of Memory

A newcomer and very promising animator, this short is his first work ever.
Po Chou Chi from Taiwan.



by Goo Shun Wang